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In the real world, we need an ecosystem to protect medicines and the patients who depend on them

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Certain commodities require strict maintenance of specific temperatures during transportation, such as pharmaceuticals or high-tech components that are very sensitive to storage conditions。Temperature control logistics focuses on ensuring the safe storage and transportation of temperature sensitive goods。

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Our customers choose air freight for safety, speed and flexibility。我们的客户需求包括能够根据特定药物的特定需要快速获得包装解决方案认证,以及选择具有满足其需求的能力、知识和全球网络的合作伙伴。The key to safe delivery of temperature-sensitive products is all about proven "actual combat" capabilities。

"The key to safe delivery of temperature-sensitive products is all about proven 'combat' capabilities。」

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Wintek is an open platform service provider providing global services through a range of partners in the aviation and cargo industries。Our active temperature control solutions are specially developed for air cargo and meet all airworthiness standards, technical requirements and good pharmaceutical shipping practices。

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温瑞通为需要温控环境的医药全球十大赌钱软件app开发、制造和提供创新的集装箱租赁解决方案,包括认证、支持和服务。而凭借全球最大的主动式集装箱规模、最广泛的网络和超过三十年的行业专业知识积累,我们能够满足客户对于全球运输的创新和可靠解决方案的需求。No matter at the port of origin or destination。

We operate globally through an open network of airlines and freight forwarders, headquartered just outside Stockholm, Sweden。

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